Twisted Candle Company Story

Hello and welcome to Twisted Candle Company. If you like unique and uncommonly found candles, you found the perfect shop. Twisted Candle Company started March of 2013 under the name Bathe Me Beautiful where I focused on your every day, find them in every shop, and playing it safe jar candles. I started to get bored making and doing what everyone else was doing, but then I started remember the first candle I bought when I was 13. It was a 11"L X 3"W X 3"H green dragon. Remembring this inspired me to start making more novelty style candles. Candles that can express who you are (not just by the scent you choose) by the style. So I started making my 8 oz. skull candles. I received such a positive responses I knew this was the correct route. I started rebranding and on January 21, 2016 Twisted Candle Company was born.
What started off as 1 skull silcone mold we now have Owls, 3rd eyed cat head, Medusa, Buddha, and pumpkins just to name a few styles. You could have it scented or unscented and choose the color.
You can now find us at local craft fairs, Instagram, Youtube, and at local shops on consigment. If you live or plan to visit the DFW area, you can find some of our candles at the Hearth Wisdom Store 2899 W. Pioneer Rd., Pantego, TX.
Thank you and I look forward to creating your next unique gift.